Birth-Age 2

Babies need lots of love and attention and that’s just what you will find if you visit our nursery. We are committed to providing a safe, clean and loving environment for our little ones. Our primary concern is to provide the best quality care for every baby.

Age 3-4

At no other time in life is a child more impressionable than the preschool years. In our early childhood classes, we use songs, crafts and interactive activities to teach the exciting stories of the Bible. Through our teaching, we help children understand the same God who created the Universe also created them.

More structure is introduced in this class. The children are taught in a large group setting through worship and interactive dramas. Then they break into small groups where the main message is reinforced using activities that engage all five senses. A mixture of arts and crafts, role playing, and games helps the children to remember the theme of the morning. This class is sure to grab the attention of your little one and allow him or her to want to learn more about who God is and why He loves us so much.

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    Service Times:


    Sunday Classes at 9:30am

    Morning Worship at 10:45am

    Sunday Evening Worship at 6:00pm


    Prayer Meeting at 6:30pm

    Youth Discipleship at 6:30pm

    Worship Choir Practice at 7:30pm